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All-Porcelain Crowns


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Metal can mean dark lines
All-porcelain crowns


All porcelain crowns are a strong, permanent, natural looking option to replace the entire upper portion of your tooth.  This is the best option to repair extensive damage of your tooth when other methods such as dental composite fillings and porcelain inlays and onlays fail.


Porcelain crowns are made from specially formulated dental porcelain which looks almost the same as your natural teeth and can even replicate the color, texture, finish and clearness of natural tooth enamel.


Metal and porcelain crowns


A metal core was the only choice to build porcelain crowns before.  It was the only foundation for adequate strength to withstand the tremendous biting forces exerted by your teeth.  However, the metal core also creates a dark blue line at the edge of crowns.


The benefits of al-porcelain crowns


Recent developments in the materials and technologies have made porcelain crowns even more functional than ever. New porcelain formulations had produced stronger porcelain materials which allow us to produce crowns purely made of porcelain. Due to its translucency, all porcelain crowns make it hard to tell from natural teeth.  All porcelain crowns don’t utilize metals, thus the dark line at the gums is eliminated.  This permits us to mount the edge of the crown above the gum line and proves to be healthier for your tooth and gums.


Smile your way with an improved smile thanks to beautiful and natural-looking all porcelain crowns.