Power Whitening

Power Whitening


All-Porcelain Crowns


A special material protects your gums

Application of the whitening agent

Dramatic results in one appointment

You can achieve a brighter and whiter smile with power whitening made possible in just 60 minutes.
It is the simplest and easiest procedure for you.

How power whitening works

Your teeth are coated with a whitening gel in combination with the laser light.  We then use the special light to target the surface of your teeth.  This power combination of laser light and gel release oxygen.  The oxygen penetrates the external enamel layer slowly proceeding to the dentin layer of the teeth where stains and discolored areas are bleached away.

Power whitening quickly brightens your smile.

The process of power whitening begins when we thoroughly remove plaque and tartar from your teeth.  We start the process by putting protective glasses, alipretractor and a cream to shield your eyes, lips and face.

We place a rubber dam to isolate your teeth and preserve your gums.  After which, we apply the whitening gel on your teeth. You are seated comfortably on a chair as the laser emits light onto the teeth.  This cycle is repeated several times.

We carefully evaluate your individual results since the end result of the process are different from another.  An average of about 6 to 10 shades lightens your pearly teeth.  We may suggest fluoride treatment, additional bleaching at home, or additional session in our clinic.  We also hand you instructions to maintain your new smile and managing any post-whitening sensitivity.

Power whitening is a quick and convenient technology that can help give you a transformed smile.  After one comfortable 60 minutes treatment, you will end with a brilliant smile you dream of.