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A dramatic improvement


A veneer is a wafer-thin and custom made covering made of porcelain or plastic composite materials.  This covering is bonded to the tooth for improvement or modification of its size, shape, length or color.  It is designed to cover the front and top surface of teeth to improve your smile and appearance.  Veneer dramatically changes your smile when used to close spaces between teeth, whiten discolored teeth, or lengthen misshapen teeth.  Chipped or worn down teeth can be protected from damage and restore their natural appearance when veneers are applied to those teeth.


See veneers before and after photos of Dr. Waggener patients who have veneers in our before and after gallery.

How do we restore teeth with veneers?

Your teeth are thoroughly evaluated and examined before application of veneers.  It usually takes more than one appointment to restore teeth with veneers.  On the first visit, we prepare your teeth by shaping and roughening them.  We proceed to the impression stage where impressions of your teeth are taken.  The impressions of your teeth are working models where the dental laboratory use to artistically craft and shape veneers to ensure proper fit to the prepared teeth.


Once the veneers are ready, you have your second appointment where we clean and polish the prepared teeth.  We use an adhesive to bond the veneers to the teeth.  To harden the adhesive, a harmless, high-intensity light is exposed to your teeth.  After the adhesive has hardened, veneers become a part of the teeth.  You don’t have to worry with durable veneers so you can use them as you would use your own teeth.  Veneers transform your smile with new, beautiful and natural looking teeth.