Digital X-Rays

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Digital X-Rays

An exciting new technology is gaining popularity and most dentists are switching from a film based image capturing system to digital radiography.

We use computerized equipment and software to capture x-ray images of your dental cavity.  This technology allows us to expose a small sensory plate to capture acceptable images of your mouth and teeth.  These images are then processed with the aid of a computer and monitor.

Clear image
Digital x-ray sensor and plate

Digital radiography offers superiority and benefits that traditional dental x-rays can’t deliver:
  • It saves time.  Images are in electronic form and can be viewed with a few mouse clicks.
  • It’s safer with no chemical processing and reduction in radiation dose to patients.
  • It has an ability to incorporate radiographic images with digital images for patient education and treatment plan presentation.
  • We can enhance images to improve viewing.
  • Images are convenient since it is saved in digital form and transmitted electronically for patient consults or insurance claims.

Immediate and comfortable

You don’t have to wait for your image results. X-rays is taken faster since the sensor is simply moved from tooth to tooth.  The images appear on a computer monitor a few moments after exposure.  Chemical processing time is eliminated unlike with film packets.  The process is fast with x-rays available within moments on the monitor with no processing time in between.

It is environment-friendly for not depending on chemicals to completely acquire x-rays images. The unit is ultra sensitive that the amount of x-ray radiation is reduced up to 80% versus traditional x-rays.

Digital x-ray technology enables improved diagnostic accuracy. .  Images are large enough to view that allows us to make adjustments and see details in the x-ray images.  These x-ray images can become a part of your dental record and conveniently emailed to medical specialists and insurance firms.   It enhances doctor-patient communication due to its ability to view and print radiographic images for presentation of treatment plan.

You won’t go wrong with digital radiography – making your dental treatment and diagnosis faster and safer.