Dentures and Hybrid Implants

Precision Partial Dentures

Special crowns and attachments


Smile with confidence


Good fitting partial denture


Natural looking results

Many advantages over traditional partial dentures:

  • The precise fit is a healthier alternative for your gums and teeth.
  • Retention is increased.
  • Your chewing and biting ability are enhanced.
  • Your smile looks natural without unsightly metal clasps.
  • Prevent your existing natural teeth from shifting following tooth loss.

A partial denture replaces missing teeth and restores your bite. It is now even made better than traditional partial dentures. Although the clasps found in traditional partial dentures do a good job of securing the partial in place, the metal clasps could affect the appearance of your smile. As an improved version, the new special crowns are clasps-free and are much tighter resulting in a more secure denture and elimination of unsightly clasps on your teeth. The new special crowns and matching special attachments are built into the partial framework and are hidden so there’s no need for clasps. Precision partial dentures create a new natural looking smile.

The process of producing precision partial dentures consists of two or more appointments spread over several weeks. We prepare your adjacent teeth for crowns by conducting a complete exam and appropriate treatment to get rid of unwanted decay or periodontal disease.

We start the impression stage that involves molding a precise working model of your mouth. In the dental laboratory, the working model shapes the dentures and crowns and attachments are constructed on this model. On your next visit, we fit your crowns, make adjustments as needed and create additional impressions to complete your precision partial denture.

On your final appointment, we place the precision partial and evaluate if a traditional clasp is necessary for adjustments. When your new denture has a proper fit and bite, we will cement the crowns and place your new precision partial denture.

Adjusting to your precision partial denture dentures.

Be patient as it takes time and practice to adjust to the new precision partial denture on your gums. You may experience difficulty in eating and speaking normally. Give it a few weeks so you can get aclimated with your denture and speak, eat and smile with beaming confidence.

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